Mentorship Program Pilot for Women Entrepreneurs

Community Futures Oxford, in partnership with Oxford Women in Networking, is rolling out a Pilot Mentoring Program to commence in early January 2020.  The goal of this Pilot Program is to introduce the concept of Mentorship, as well as to establish an on-going, supportive Mentorship Program for Oxford County.  The Pilot Program will target women who are junior businesspersons, students just starting their careers, and entrepreneurs eager to learn more.

What is Mentoring About?

“Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.”

Age, job title, location along the career path – none of these matter.  What matters is an eagerness to learn by Protégés and a desire to share knowledge by Mentors.

The Mentorship Committee will gather information about each Protégé and Mentor to create “matches” of skill or knowledge desired/ can offer.  These matched pairs will agree to learning outcomes for their match over the course of the program.

We Want You!

Lots of you!  Not sure if you are a candidate to be a Protégé or Mentor?  Based on feedback from other Mentoring programs, here are some expectations.

Protégés want Mentors who:

  • Are willing to be open
  • Able to provide ongoing, professional feedback on progress
  • Are willing to share their experiences and knowledge
  • Will challenge them to grow

Mentors want Protégés who:

  • Show up for and are prepared for meetings
  • Are willing to listen, and follow through on agreed actions
  • Will provide feedback on how the Mentor can be most helpful
  • Maintain a professional relationship

Click on one of the links below – either the Protégé Applicant or Mentor Applicant – to get started with the program. 

Although for our Pilot Mentoring Program we will only be selecting 10 pairs of Mentors & Protégés to be guided through our process, we will retain Applicant information for the anticipated “full program” in the Fall of 2020.)

What else should You Know?

In addition to completing the electronic questionnaire, each applicant will need to submit a resume, and then will be interviewed by a Committee member in January 2020.

Each matched Mentor-Protégé pair must commit to engaging with one another (preferably in person) for a minimum of 3 hours per month.  The Program’s Kick-off, Mid-point and Wrap-up meetings, as well as attending learning or networking events, will all count towards these monthly hours.

The Kick-off meeting will be held Thursday February 27th from 5:00 – 7:00 pm, where each ‘pair’ will be introduced to one another.  Dates for the Mid-point and Wrap-up meetings will be discussed and agreed upon at the Kick-off.

All participants will be asked to review the Code of Ethics and sign a Mentorship Agreement form.

Click here to submit your Application!

Still have Questions?

If you still have questions about our Pilot Mentorship Program, please contact one of the following Committee members:

Lindsay Wilson, Community Futures Oxford,

Shelly Monaghan, Monaghan e-Office on behalf of OWIN,

Ashlee Hall, On Track Consulting Services and Fanshawe College Entrepreneur-in-Residence,