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5 Most Important Pieces of the E-Commerce Puzzle

News & Events • March 30, 2021

You took your existing business online or your started an e-commerce business. Now what?! A successful e-commerce business is more than just putting your products onto a website. In this webinar, Alyssa from The Social Factory will take you through the FIVE MOST IMPORTANT PIECES of the e-commerce puzzle. Alyssa will cover:
1. Understanding the benefits of e-commerce and using those benefits to grow your customer base.
2. Ensuring you choose the right platform for your product and your intended growth.
3. Assets required for an e-commerce business. (Hint: it’s more than a website!)
4. Updating your workflows for efficient order processing.
5. How to advertise/integrate your business into social media.

Find a copy of the slides from the presentation here.