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Join Us for International Women’s Day Breakfast

News & Events • January 26, 2024


Everyone is welcome to attend our International Women’s Day breakfast and networking event on February 27, 2024 at Elm Hurst, Ingersoll. The event takes place from 7:30 am to 10:30 am. Tickets are $15 and available on Eventbrite.

Our Featured Speaker is Cheryl Haskett of Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life in Bright, ON

Udderly Ridiculous Success: Tackling Challenges with Innovative Marketing & Execution Strategies
Discover the Cream of the Crop: Join Cheryl Haskett as she unveils the Untold Secrets Behind Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life’s Rapid Success. Secure your ticket now and unlock the Gateway to Innovative Marketing & Execution Strategies that Will Catapult Your Business to New Heights!

About Cheryl
Cheryl Haskett, co-founder of Udderly Ridiculous and Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, is a seasoned executive with a legacy rooted in innovative leadership, strategic business expansion, and societal upliftment. Her distinguished 18-year career in training and development served as a launchpad for her entrepreneurial journey, equipping her with the skills needed to navigate the dynamic business landscape and achieve remarkable success in the dairy industry and agri-tourism.

Cheryl Haskett of Udderly Ridiculous stands in her on farm market

Cheryl’s business acumen and strategic vision created innovation in the goat dairy industry with the launch of her award-winning Goat Milk Ice Cream which gained traction onto over 300 retail shelves across Canada, amplifying brand visibility and fueling growth. In the midst of the pandemic Cheryl made a pivot to protect the brand and provide a way to generate learning and dialogue with the public about agriculture and our food systems.  Her commitment to advancing responsible and experiential tourism led to the establishment of the nine time award-winning agri-tourism facility which has also earned the 2023 Trip Advisors Travelers Choice Award designation in the top 10% of attractions Worldwide. Her efforts propelled Udderly Ridiculous to be a destination.

Beyond her business pursuits, Cheryl’s impact is felt in her dedication to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and philanthropic initiatives like ‘Wreck the Dress’, which supports women overcoming domestic abuse. Her partnerships with organizations like World Vision showcase her commitment to creating lasting change.

A highly-rated corporate facilitator and keynote speaker, Cheryl captivates audiences across sectors with her insights and experiences. Cheryl Haskett remains a formidable force in her field, not just preparing for the future but creating it with vision, resilience, and a commitment to driving positive change. To this end, Cheryl has been selected as one of 6 Canadians to receive a Nuffield Canada Scholarship to embark on a 24 month international research project aimed at bringing the best practices, methods, insights and systems back to Canada to inform a strategy for Agritourism.

DASO – Domestic Abuse Services Oxford
You are invited, but not required, to support DASO domestic abuse services by bringing and donating items from their wish list! Found here.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite