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Partnering to catalyse small business

News & Events • April 4, 2018


At Community Futures Oxford, we know that every small business is different and the needs of entrepreneurs in different stages and industries have very unique needs. To provide a variety of opportunities and support the growth of as many small businesses as possible, we’ve partnered to deliver a wide range of programs.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s coming up in Oxford County:

  1. Self Employment Training (SET) for people affected by job loss or change in manufacturing (May/June 2018)

Oxford County has experienced some upsets in the manufacturing industry with plant closures and layoffs occuring in Tillsonburg, Woodstock, Ingersoll and Thamesford. As a reaction to these changes in the workforce, Community Futures Oxford has partnered with the Elgin Business Resource Centre and Venture Norfolk. The partnership will deliver the SET program in Tillsonburg for anyone in Oxford County who has been displaced from employment in the manufacturing industry. Delivered in 8 sessions over several weeks, attendees will go from an idea right into building a plan that can generate income. Training will be delivered monthly with dates/locations confirmed for May and June 2018.

2. Go Beyond Entrepreneurship for businesses ready to scale (May/June 2018)

In partnership with Rural Oxford Economic Development and the Woodstock & Area Small Business Enterprise Centre, we are pleased to welcome Lisa Kember to deliver Go Beyond Entrepreneurship to businesses ready to scale in Oxford County. As partners working collaboratively to support small businesses, we were hearing some of the same things: businesses that needed to build a plan for scaling and businesses that were ready to grow and needed to find the most efficient path to do so. Owners were starting to see that the same skills they needed to start their business were not the same skills they needed to continue to grow it.

But, how can they grow if their time is already maxed out at its current capacity?

The Go Beyond Entrepreneurship program is designed to help you re-focus your vision, find efficiencies, increase sales and build a strong human and financial plan for the future of your business.

3. Starting a creative business (April 2018)

“Starting a Creative Business” is an initiative of WorkInCulture to support creative professionals of diverse artistic disciplines who are thinking about building a creative enterprise.

In partnership with WorkInCulture, we are excited to sponsor this opportunity in Oxford County. Starting a Creative Business is a one-day workshop for artists/creative professionals from all artistic disciplines thinking about starting a business. It provides the basic tools of creating, developing and putting together a solid creative business idea that will shape the business plan.

Through interactive, reflective, and writing activities that correlate with a workbook, participants get to step into the business mind frame and leave with the key components of their business more clearly defined.

Participants will:

  • Step into the business mind frame
  • Build a bridge from creative professional to creative business
  • Clarify your business idea, direction & create the base of your business plan
  • Get to know your local business and creative sector supports and community
4. How to buy a business* (May 2018)

In partnership with FranNet, Community Futures Oxford is please to present a workshop all about franchise opportunities. Starting a business from scratch can be overwhelming and intimidating, so exploring franchise opportunities may be another path to explore. With a franchise, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. In this workshop, we will discuss the franchise industry, common franchise misconceptions and learn about how to find the right business fit for you.

Save the Date: Tuesday May 29 at 10am. More details to come. 

*Registration not yet open. To be notified when registration opens, please email [email protected] to be added to the waitlist.

5. Business 101- Idea Validation Tavistock (June 1, 2018)

Offered by the Woodstock Small Business Enterprise Centre in partnership with Fanshawe College, this Starter Company+ workshop is for individuals who have a business idea and would like to explore entrepreneurship. Early startups or existing businesses considering pivotal changes in their business may find value in the Customer Discovery process outlined in this session. The intent of this 1-DAY Starter Company+ session is to walk you through Business Model Canvas to map out your concept, engage in customer discovery and to be able to pivot your ideas before investing too much time and energy for an idea only you are in love with. Getting out and knowing how to speak with future customers. Doing the work to validate your ideas and concepts will help you build a solid foundation if you choose to pursue it.

This Small Business Enterprise Centre workshop is a great lead into the Community Futures Oxford SET program!

Don’t see anything here for you or do you prefer to work one-on-one? We can do that!

To chat about how Community Futures Oxford can support your business, please contact:

Lindsay Wilson [email protected] 519-425-0401 x 27

Luigi Bassaco

Luigi Basacco [email protected] 519-425-0401 x30