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Growing your small business in Oxford: opportunities for every stage

News & Events, Success Stories • April 2, 2018

Growing a small business is no easy task, especially in a small rural community. Community Futures Oxford can provide so many supports and resources to make that growth just a little bit easier. Our staff pride themselves on meeting the unique needs of each client and in order to do that just right, we need to have supports for businesses at all stages of growth. We’ve heard that you might not be quite sure what that means so we’re ready to break it down for you: 5 ways Community Futures Oxford can help a business succeed!


  1. Free and confidential, one-on-one advice from an experienced advisor

CFO team from L to R: Luigi (advisor), Sharon (accounting and admin), Lindsay (advisor/CED), Allan (general manager)

Whether you’re just getting your small business started and aren’t sure how to register your business name or you’re an experienced small business owner ready to open a new location, our experienced business advisors are ready to work with you. We’ve helped hundreds of clients each year with everything from the managing and securing the purchase of equipment from overseas to registering a business name online. At every stage on your journey, our team is here to support your success.

Are you a young entrepreneur who is a bit unsure of how your idea might be perceived? We have a dedicated advisor who works with every young entrepreneur- Lindsay understands the unique needs of a young entrepreneur and is determined to help you get the support and recognition you deserve.

Community Futures Oxford has proudly served Oxford County for 25 years!

2.  Quick process-microloans up to $15,000 for existing business*

If you’re an existing small business,  you could access up to $15,000 through our expedited microloan program. Sometimes, even a successful business can have trouble securing financing through a traditional bank. Our advisors take your whole story into consideration when processing an application with one goal: helping small businesses solve their challenges and access resources that help them succeed. We work with you through the application process to ensure informed business planning and cash flow projections.

Community Futures Oxford has proudly served Oxford County for 25 years!

3. Training opportunities for startups and expansion

Both programs offer both group facilitation and one-on-one coaching beyond the completion of the program.

4. Financing to start your business*

Sheri accessed our loan program to purchase the business she previously worked for. Click to read our blog post to learn more about Sherri’s story!

Entrepreneurs starting a small business in Oxford County could access loans up to $350,000 to start (or grow!) a business. If you have been unable to secure traditional financing through a bank or credit union, the Community Futures Oxford team can work with you to secure funding from a variety of loan programs. Not only will our team help you secure financing to get started, you’ll have access to a network of expertise from across Oxford County.

5. Access to a network and valuable connections throughout the region

We’re proud to offer you a knowledgeable team, but we also understand that we can’t know everything (although it’s not for lack of trying…). To ensure we can connect our clients with the best support and resources in the region, we’re well connected to a variety of professionals government organisations who will have all of the answers we don’t. We also recognize that some advice requires a professional- we’re not accountants, lawyers or HR professionals, but we work closely with people who are. We may not know everything, but chances are we know someone who does!

Our success is measured by YOUR success so our team is committed to working with you to find that support and resources that best suit your situation. Here are some facts about how we support the community:

  • CFO has disbursed roughly $14,226,526 to 261 businesses in Oxford County since 1993.
  • CFO has influenced (created or maintained) more than 2,700 jobs since 1993.
  • The leverage factor is about 2.45:1


*Please see the funding section of our website for terms and eligibility.