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Conversations on Entrepreneurship with Leap Junction

Last week, Community Futures Oxford was invited to join Leap Junction at the Fanshawe College Woodstock/Oxford campus. With a new take on learning from entrepreneurs in the trenches, the event welcomed four local business owners to a moderated panel about starting, owning and growing a business. The panel was moderated by Holly who shares her … read nore


Community Futures Oxford has dispersed a grant that will help a local tech startup to officially launch their business. Grants are made available to startup and existing small business owners under 30 through the Community Economic Development (CED) Initiatives program. The grant recipient is Oxford County native Ethan Williams and his business partner Evan McHugh … read nore

Young entrepreneur grows business with passion for local food and the health of her rural community

Young entrepreneur, Nicole VanQuaethem officially launched her business, SimplyNic Nutrition, in January 2017, but her journey that lead to this business began many years earlier. After starting university, Nicole found herself wanting to know more about food. Like a lot of students living away from home for the first time, she realized that her culinary … read nore

What’s in a Brand?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, February is a month that brings upon tender feelings of love and sentiment about the important things in life. On a personal level this includes my family, partner, friends, dogs… and professionally, it’s the other love of my life; my business. As Creative Director of Luxe Creative, a … read nore

How a small business loan made an entrepreneur’s dreams come true

When Sherri was just 25 years old, she worked full-time nights at a factory in Guelph. As things slowed down at the factory she found herself job sharing and was eventually laid off. Along the way, Sherri began working part-time at a tanning salon. Instantly loving the atmosphere and the interaction she had with the … read nore

2018 Leadership Development for Young Professionals in Oxford County

Community Futures Oxford and Rural Oxford Economic Development Corporation are partnering to bring leadership development training to Oxford County. The seminar will introduce Strengths Based Leadership. Delivered in two half day sessions, the seminars will help participants name, claim and aim their personal strengths and devise an actionable plan to maximise their effectiveness within their current role. … read nore